If you are a talented, passion driven stylist with the experience to back it up then we may be the salon for you.  

As artists we are a special breed.  We are not just "hair dressers" we are trend setters, life changers, mood builders.  There is no other career that affects peoples lives in the way we do.  A client can walk in having the worst day or feeling frumpy and magically we can send them out the door feeling like a million dollars.  Our staff is built of driven passionate well rounded certified stylists.  We have certified design artists, certified color artists, certified microblading technician, certified lash lifting, certified eyelash extensions.  Our team strives to be the best and is alway eager to take this career to the next level and continue to grow.

Each year our staff travels to NYC to the Redken Echange on 5th Ave to learn from the top platform artists and educators in the industry.  As a Redken Elite salon we are continually stay up to date on the latest trends.  Most of the time we are aware of the trends before anyone else in the Gettysburg area.  We bring the big city, celebrity looks to our small town of Gettysburg.

If you are interested in joining our professional team you need to:

  • Have at least 5 years experience behind the chair.
  • Be willing to learn and grow as a stylist.
  • A cosmetology license in the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Passion for this career and continuing education.
  • Open minded, responsible and great people skills.
  • Technology and social media savvy.


Send your resume to: