How to deal with Frizz

With warmer weather come vacations, longer days outside, day trips, and of course, humidity. Most of us can agree that we love the warmer days, but could do without the mugginess, or sticky feeling that humidity gives us…especially with what it does to our hair! Ever wonder why our perfect hair days take a turn for the worse when the humidity in the atmosphere increases?

Hair is porous, causing moisture to be absorbed when there is humidity in the air. When hair is overly porous, it tends to “suck up” more of the moisture in the air since it is lacking it already. Going more in depth into the structure of the hair, gives you a better understanding as to why this all happens and how.

Hair is made up of several different layers, the cuticle being the outermost layer, which ideally is nice and smooth. The second layer is called the cortex. Inside of the cortex is where several different bonds of the hair live. One of those bonds, which is important when it comes to frizz and humidity, is the hydrogen bond. This bond is a very weak bond. Anytime water or heat is added to your hair, these bonds break. This is why we are able to have such versatility in how we want to style our hair, whether that is making curly hair straight or straight hair curly. The downside to this, is as soon as we go outside on a humid day, we tend to say goodbye to a good hair day. What happens during this process as our hair is absorbing the moisture from outside is that a single strand of hair forms several more hydrogen bonds. This causes the hair strands themselves to swell, which then disrupts our smooth cuticle, giving us frizz and crazy hair.

Thankfully, there are some options out there to help you combat the frizz and humidity besides staying inside all summer, no one wants to do that! We love our Redken products, as well as our smoothing treatments that Nicolette specializes in!
When you go to blow dry your hair, make sure you are putting Redken Pillow Proof in as your first product, layer your other styling essentials on afterwards (A styling essential for us would be Align 12, it offers heat protection, and frizz control). This will give you a great base, allowing your blow out to last longer, and it helps to properly prep the hair. Before applying a finishing spray, use Pillow Proof 2 Day Extender at your roots. This will help to soak up any oils as they’re produced, and helps the keep that blowout looking smooth for longer. We highly recommend finishing you style with one of Redken’s finishing sprays. They all offer 24 hour control and humidity protection. This is an ultimate game changer!!

Here at Grace Kelly Salon, Nicolette is certified in Cezanne smoothing system which lasts up to 6 months with proper aftercare. She also offers Pravanna Keratin Fusion texture control for a straighter appearance, as well as Agave Smoothing Treatment if you’re looking for something with less commitment, lasting up to 6 weeks. The Cezanne and Agave treatments can reduce some curl BUT they are smoothing treatments to reduce frizz.  Both systems are not meant to straighten hair like a relaxer. Having 3 different options for you as the client, allows you and Nicolette to come to a decision on what is best for you and your hair. Keratin smoothing systems work by applying the keratin smoothing product to your hair, and sealing it in with a flat iron. Keratin is a protein found naturally in your hair. Of all the options we have to offer; all are keratin based, with no formaldehyde. These smoothing systems are great for your hair especially in the summer because of humidity. The keratin helps seal the cuticle allowing you to go outside with little to no change in your hairs texture (provided it’s not raining). When getting any of these treatments done, you do need to make sure you are using sodium-sulfate free products as the salt can cause to break down the keratin that is sealing the hair.

We may not be able to control the weather; this lack of spring is clearly proof of that. But what we can control is what we are able to do to our hair when going out into the humidity. At Grace Kelly Salon, we want the best for you and your hair. Using Redken styling products, and finishing with an anti-humidity hairspray can help. What can help keep your hair be frizz free even longer is coming to Nicolette for your smoothing treatment! Book your appointment today to find out what smoothing treatment is best for your hair this summer. We want you to be able to enjoy summer to your fullest ability, with great hair!!