Lash Lifting/Tinting vs Eyelash Extensions

After much consideration we have recently decided to no longer offer lash extensions. We have gotten a lot of feedback from our clientele and additional research on our own and found that extended use of lash extensions are causing damage to the natural lashes.  Lashes are being broken our pulled out. We now only offer lash lifting and tinting as it is a safer lash enhancement. Enhancing your own natural lashes without extra weight or glue. We feel that of the two, lash lifting is easier on your actual lashes and we’re all about what is best for our clients! Lash lifting is when your natural lashes are permanently curled and tinted black.  This can give the illusion of longer, bolder lashes. The service lasts up to three months, which saves on time and money.


Why have we decided to opt out of lash extensions? Summer is right around the corner along with pool days and vacation days at the beach. Even if you don’t get into the ocean water, the salt in the air will cause the glue from the lashes to break down.  The break down of the glue will cause false lashes to fall out and sometimes taking natural lashes with it. With that being said you may lose a bunch of lashes you will then want to come in more frequently for fills.With continual back to back use with lashes, your natural lashes will tend to start breaking or snapping off. This is because you’re not giving your own lashes time to breathe.


Along with the damage to your lashes it has been a reoccurring event that people have had allergic reactions to the adhesive.  The allergic reaction can range from watery irritation, red, puffy, swollen, crusty eyes. When it comes to getting your lashes lifted and tinted, even our clients with the most sensitive skin have not reacted to the product. Of course, we always give you a patch test if requested.


People have come to notice that with fake lashes, it’s harder to wear eye makeup because you have to be so careful when removing your makeup, taking care to not rub the lashes off.  If you are a person with seasonal allergies you will tend to rub your eyes. Mascara can not be worn, and you need to use an oil free makeup remover as NO oil products can be used near the false lashes.


All natural oil products are the very best thing to use for your skin, there is less allergic reactions and oils help to slow down the aging process.  Coconut oil is the very best makeup remover but you cannot use that when using lash extensions. Oil cleansers are great for the skin and unlike regular facial soaps that dry out your skin and speed up the aging process, oil cleansers gently and safely cleanse your face without drying the skin.  All natural moisturizers are also fantastic for preserving your youth and add a little glow to your complexion. Caster oil is great for growing your natural lashes when used every evening before bed.


Our stylists favorite oil based products are from Primally Pure, Sunrise Soap Company and the Babe lash serum.


Lash lifting and tinting is our new favorite service! There is no need to wear mascara, but it doesn’t hurt if you want to wear it. Some of our clients, prefer more of a dramatic look and will wear mascara on top of their lifting and tinting. You can go to the beach, get in the ocean, or the pool with no fear of something happening to your lashes. Want to wear eyeshadow? Awesome! You can do all of the above with the lifting and tinting. No special care needs to be taken other than waiting 24 hours after your initial appointment before getting them wet. There is no upkeep or continuing maintenance  with the lifting and tinting like there is with lash extensions. No need to comb your lashes daily. With the lash extensions, you need to come at least once a month to get regular fills. With your tinting and lifting, we don’t need to see you again for another 3 months. That could get you through most of the summer. If you are thinking about getting your lashes lifted and tinted, Heather can take care of you lash needs!