Regiment for going lighter

When going lighter for spring and summer it is important to care for your hair’s strength, shine and color.

At the salon your stylist can work her mad skills and create beautiful hues and gorgeous style.  However if you do not maintain this look properly at home your beautiful hair can become dull, drab and frumpy.  

At the salon your stylist may offer a deep treatment to make your hair feel soft, repair and strength the protein bonds.  No matter what color you get on your hair there is a percentage of protein bonds that are broken. Hair is 80% protein so if you continue to chemically process the hair without strengthening those bonds your hair will begin to break off, EEK!!!! Especially if you are going lighter you must go home with:

  1. PH Bonder step 2 to apply once your hair is wet and pre shampoo.  This is a second step to a protein bond builder that is adding into your color.  This is to be used no more than one time a week.
  2. Extreme CAT you will apply after the shampoo has been rinsed.  Let the CAT sit for 5-10 minutes rinse. This will make your hair feel hard but do not worry it is supposed to feel that way.  CAT makes the hair stronger hence the hard feeling. Just follow this with a conditioner or a deep conditioner such as Mega Mask.
  3. Extreme Mega Mask is a protein infused deep conditioner that is gentle enough to use daily.  Leave it in for 5-15 minutes then rinse.
  4. One United 25 is a leave in conditioner and has 25 different benefits.  To list a few it is conditioning, protects color, sunscreen and detangler.  It is great for the whole family.

These are four conditioning products that will rebuild the protein.

All Redken protein products use plant based proteins and can be used daily.  Unlike Keratin based proteins that if overused will start to break down the bonds, damaging the hair further.

Extreme Anti-snap is also a great leave in conditioner for those who need some extra strength to keep from getting split ends. It will also help with hair growth. You can use this every time you shampoo or wet your hair.  Just towel dry and apply Anti-snap prior to any styling aids.

Memorial Day is approaching bringing sandy beaches, pools and SUN!  We all know to apply sunscreen on our skin, shower after swimming etc… hair needs protection too.  Prior to swimming apply a conditioner to your dry hair. This will help create a barrier to prevent chlorine and salt water from penetrating the hairs cuticle and causing chemical build up or discoloration.  

If you are experiencing mineral or chemical build up it is good to use a cleansing shampoo once a week plus the night or day prior to your color service. For a deeper cleanse you can ask your stylist about a pre art treatment service. This does take up a little extra time so it is best to call ahead or plan while booking your next appointment. Redken also makes a vinegar rinse that is color safe and can be purchased to use when needed at home.

If you plan to go lighter for summer, keep your color fresh/bright or just want to strengthen your hair follow these steps above.  For any additional information just ask your stylist at Grace Kelly Salon.

For all blondes we always recommend silver or purple shampoo & conditioner to keep your blondes from going yellow and brassy. We offer three different options for every guests individual needs. Ask your stylist which option would work the best with your hair goals.

You can buy hair care products from many sources online and other stores in the area, however, most are guaranteed only when purchased from a licensed professional.  The staff at Grace Kelly Salon has been expertly trained to help you select the best products for your life style. Who knows your hair better than your hair stylist?  Thank you for supporting our salon and our continuing education programs by purchasing professional products from Grace Kelly Salon.