Recently we had a first hand scare because of Pantene hair products.  We were performing a normal routine full foil on Virgin hair. Virgin hair has no chemical services on it and can be the best hair to work on.  Well not the case when the daily at home care is Pantene. At the end of this story I will explain in detail why Pantene is a HUGE NO NO! During this routine service about ¼ of the hair had been foiled when our stylists noticed the foils were HOT to the touch.  The client at that point had noted that the HOT foil was burning her ear. This is NOT normal which the client did not know since she had never had foils before. Now heat speeds up the lifting process and that is why years ago every bleaching service went under a dryer.  When the stylist checked the foils not only had they lifted to a pale yellow in 15 minutes (which is unheard of especially for black hair). When the foils opened up steam came rolling out. This is very very bad! We double and triple checked to see if the client had any relaxers, smoothing systems or previous colors which the client swore she had never had any other chemical service.  


After a quick google search we asked the client what shampoo and conditioner she uses at home.  Her response was Pantene! If you google search “smoking hair foils”. You will find numerous sites that verify that other professionals have experienced this same nightmare and each client used Pantene. The reason this had happened is because Pantene is made up of silicones, wax, and plastics. This is way your hair can look incredibly shiny, or like a grease pit right after it’s been shampooed. When the lightener is applied to this, a different chemical reaction happens instead of the typical one we are used to; the one where the hair lightens gradually, and nicely. The lightener ends up melting the plastic, causing the foils to be hot to the touch, and for the lightener to bubble, turning into a liquid instead of a nice paste or icing like consistency. If it wasn’t for our amazing stylists working together to tackle this scare, the outcome could’ve been gravely different.