Paramedical Tattooing

Our Paramedical Tattooing Services Include:

  • Scar Camouflage: Transform your scars into art that tells your story of resilience. Our scar camouflage techniques carefully disguise the appearance of scars, making them less noticeable and helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Stretch Mark Camouflage: Reclaim your confidence with our stretch mark camouflage service. By matching tattoo pigment to your natural skin tone, we diminish the visibility of stretch marks, enhancing your skin’s natural beauty.
  • 3D Areola Reconstruction: For individuals who have undergone mastectomies or other breast surgeries, our 3D areola reconstruction offers a finishing touch to the healing journey. We create realistic, three-dimensional areolas that restore the natural appearance of the breast, helping to heal emotional and physical scars.

Stretch Mark Camouflage



Owner and PMU Artist – Kelly Kaiser


3D Areola Reconstruction

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If you’d like to set up a paramedical tattoo appointment, we do require a consultation with our PMU artist. To set up a consultation or for more information, please call Grace Kelly Salon at 717-398-2064 or email us at [email protected].