Phases of Color to Platinum Blonde


Taking your hair from just about anything to platinum blonde can be a process causing many interesting, or non-appealing colors before you get the color you actually want. The process varies drastically from client to client just as each clients’ hair color does. Another factor that can cause this process to vary is the starting color; whether it is natural, or has several layers of hair color on top of the natural color.

The darker the hair color is, even if it is natural the longer the process will be to become platinum blonde because there are many more phases of color to go through. The phases become even harder to break through when that darker hair is not natural, but hair color.

Some of the phases that the hair color can go through is dark brown, red, orange, orange-red, and even yellow. Sometimes the hardest phase to break through is the red to red-orange stage. In some cases what your stylist will recommend (to save the integrity of your hair) is to tone down the red to red-orange stage and recommend a deep conditioning treatment at the salon as well as a proper take home regimen, rebooking your follow up appointment for 4-6 weeks. Proper trims are highly recommended while going through these phases of color to get you to platinum.

In order to keep the integrity of your hair at it’s best, it is crucial to deal with these phases of color your hair will go through first. We always make sure to keep our client’s hair in our best interest, keeping it as healthy as possible. Once the hair is ready for its next phase, we can go through and lighten it again, toning out the yellow to then get that platinum blonde color that is ever so desired. It is always important to keep in mind that this can take a few appointments, especially if your hair was colored dark previously.
In order to keep your blonde that beautiful platinum color, we recommend using Redken’s Blondage shampoo and conditioner. This specific line from Redken will help combat brassiness or any yellow tones that blondes can sometimes develop.