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  • Extension and Lash Lift & Tint Contracts

    Thinking about getting hand-tied extensions or a lash lift and tint? Check out our contracts ahead of time so you know what to expect. Hair Extension Agreement Hair extensions are a luxury service that require a certain level of care to maintain the integrity of your natural hair and the extensions.  This agreement is to…

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  • A whole new world

    At 2pm on March 16th, stylists arrived at Grace Kelly Salon like any other normal day.  We did not realize that March 16th would be the beginning of a whole new world.  By 3pm stylists were scrambling to reschedule clients, as we were advised by the Governor to close down business for 2 weeks to…

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  • Hair-color: Box vs Professional

    Hair-color: Box vs Professional

    There are few things that make your stylist cringe.  But one of those things is box hair color. Especially right now that we are all on a “Stay at Home” order and you cannot visit your stylist for those 4-6 week touch ups.  Right now every stylist is eager to get back into the salon.…

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  • New smoothing system

    New smoothing system

    Everyone has heard of relaxers, straightening systems, keratin treatments and smoothing systems.  These names have been floating around for years. Each year there is a new system and a new name. The downfall of all of these options has been the harsh chemicals, the smell, the fumes covering the salon, formaldehyde and toxins entering your…

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  • Hair color appointments

    Hair color appointments

    I am here to set the record straight.  I’m not sure where, how and who came up with the idea that hair needs to be dirty prior to coloring your hair.   Just imagine what your hair looks like after you have shampooed and conditioned. Most individuals will towel dry and apply a leave in…

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  • Protein vs. Moisture

    Protein vs. Moisture

    When looking at the Retail shelf in the salon it can be daunting.  There are 3 shelves of products that cover every single hair need. So how do you know what product is best for your hair?  First it is always best to consult with your stylist. Your stylist is the one person that knows…

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  • Too much keratin?

    Everyone wants strong healthy hair.  Ever wonder why one person has healthier hair than another?  Or why blondes typically have the most damaged hair? Want to know how to achieve healthy hair? I am going to give you the answers to all of these questions and a small science lesson.   Hair Composition Hair is…

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  • Regiment for going lighter

    When going lighter for spring and summer it is important to care for your hair’s strength, shine and color. At the salon your stylist can work her mad skills and create beautiful hues and gorgeous style.  However if you do not maintain this look properly at home your beautiful hair can become dull, drab and…

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  • Game Of Blondes

    At the end of March Nicolette and Erica attended “Game of blondes”. This three day course at the Redken Exchange in NYC covered all things blonde:   “Blonde hair don’t care? Not so much!  Getting there is rarely a one-stop shop. Think of it more like a journey. In this 3-day session learn the rules…

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  • New Hand Tied Extensions

    New Hand Tied Extensions

    Our extension specialist Nicolette has been creating long,luxurious locks for many years using I tip and tape in extensions.  This spring Nicolette has expanded her extension skills to hand tied extensions. The hand tied extension method is not commonly used in our area but is very popular among the west coast beauty scene.  If you…

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