Game Of Blondes

At the end of March Nicolette and Erica attended “Game of blondes”. This three day course at the Redken Exchange in NYC covered all things blonde:  

“Blonde hair don’t care? Not so much!  Getting there is rarely a one-stop shop. Think of it more like a journey. In this 3-day session learn the rules of blonding at every level. How to identify the right product to use for the blonde you want to achieve, tips and tricks and salon proven formulas for lightening and glossing at every level. Highlights, Balayage, Ombre, All over blonde and more. Ready to up your blonding game? Discover gorgeous looks to help every client lighten up!”  -Redken Exchange

Their trip began at 3am on a Monday morning, at 5:17am they boarded a train to arrive in NYC by 8:30am.  The girls raced across town to make it to the Exchange on 5th Ave by 9am just in time to take the elevator to the Redken Exchange educational facility.  Class started promptly at 9:30am with clapping, dancing and loud club music to get the stylists in the groove.

“Game of Blondes” was led by three of the industries top colorists from Europe and the USA.  Day one they traveled back in time to cosmetology school revisiting the scientific basics of the hair strands chemical makeup, followed by the chemistry of going lighter.  The educators went over how important it is to have each and every blonde taking home and using:

  1. PH Bonder Step 2
  2. CAT
  3. Mega Mask
  4. Anti snap and/or One United

(To learn more about these products ask you stylist and look for a future blog on BLONDES)

Ever wonder why your hair always gets stuck in a yellow/orange shade?  Now Nicolette and Erica know why and how to correct that issue. Want silver blonde hair? It is gorgeous but it will absolutely damage your hair.  Yes you can use all the products above but the good news is that silver blonde is going out of style and warm golden blondes are in. I am not talking yellow, we will not allow you to leave looking like the sun or a baby chick.  Equipped with new knowledge and a great understanding of the tools in our color arsenal we are now confident to send you home with natural wheat blonde, honey blonde and sandy blondes to compliment your skin tone and leaving your hair beautiful and healthy.

The girls had three days of hands on education using mannequins to practice three balayage techniques, two global blonding techniques, and three foiling techniques.  Planning to go lighter for summer? Loving the natural highlights with a lighter face framing? Want to be mostly blonde but would love to spend less time in the salon?  Now Nicolette and Erica are inspired and ready to create beautiful beach blondes for summer.