Hair color appointments

I am here to set the record straight.  I’m not sure where, how and who came up with the idea that hair needs to be dirty prior to coloring your hair.   Just imagine what your hair looks like after you have shampooed and conditioned. Most individuals will towel dry and apply a leave in conditioner, a blow dry cream, mousse or gel.  Maybe a little oil or shine spray then finish up with wax, spray wax or hairspray. If you plan to shampoo your hair every few days then you apply dry shampoo. Then you decide to show up to your hair appointment and want hair color to break through all of that? 

A while back I wrote a blog called “public service announcement”. If you have not read it I highly recommend you read that blog next.  Long story short, I was lightening a brand new client’s hair. I hadn’t made it too far when I noticed her foils were HOT. The foils do get warm but they were HOT.  When I opened the foils they were smoking. After some questions and research I realized this was a chemical reaction to the waxy build up left from the Pantene shampoo and conditioner she used at home.  Cheaper store bought products make your hair shiny and thick because it leaves a build up. Not only will this cause a traumatic appointment, it can make it impossible for the color to penetrate the cuticle layer to enter the cortex where color lives and changes the necessary bonds to make the color last.  

Another obstacle to think about is chemical and mineral build up from your water or swimming.  Minerals found in drinking water in Adams county Pa include Chlorine as a water additive, Nitrate from run off, copper from pipe corrosion that is just to name a few.  Unfortunately harsh water from chemicals and minerals is a big issue in our area. These harsh additives not only create a barrier on the hair strands but can also strip your color leaving your haircolor with an undesired hue.  The best way to combat the chemicals and minerals is with a high quality water treatment system at home or by using bottled water to wash your hair.  

 Now imagine your hair freshly shampooed with nothing else.  There is a clean palate to work with! Then hair color only has the hair to break though. Permanent hair color must make its way through the outer cuticle layer and find its new home in the inner cortex.  The more “dirty” the hair is the harder it is for the color to do its job.  

 The best way to allow color to successfully complete its job is to have a clean palate.  The cleaner the hair the better! According to proper Redken color application it is best to use a pre art treatment for 5-15 min followed by a cleansing shampoo prior to every color service.  These two steps will rid the hair of any dirt, oil, chemical and/or mineral build up that can slow down and change the outcome of the color service.   

If your hair feels dry and  brittle or you can feel a heavy build up ask your stylist about adding a pre-art treatment to your service.  You can also purchase the treatment to use at home the day of your appointment. If you do not have chemical or mineral build up you should still show up for your hair color appointment with clean product free hair.  If you follow these recommendations you will see unbelievable results from your haircolor service.