New smoothing system

Everyone has heard of relaxers, straightening systems, keratin treatments and smoothing systems.  These names have been floating around for years. Each year there is a new system and a new name. The downfall of all of these options has been the harsh chemicals, the smell, the fumes covering the salon, formaldehyde and toxins entering your lungs & burning your eyes. Years ago Brazilian Blowout came into the salon and it was a magical hair transformation that everyone raved about.  A year later the news broke that the fumes released was formaldehyde creating health risks to not only the clients but to the hairstylists that are performing this service on a daily basis.

Over the years we have tried numerous different systems and have not found one that we were 100% satisfied with.  That is until this year; we are introducing Pura Luxe to the salon. Pura Luxe is a non toxic system that can be used on all hair types. Pura Luxe ingredients consist of Natural Proteins (6 types of amino acids) and Aromatic Essential Oils. The proteins penetrate through the cuticle and into the cortex while the fatty acids envelope the hair shaft protecting the hair from daily damage creating shine and luster.  

There are 3 different ways to use the system for healing, smoothing and straightening.  Your stylist will custom blend a system to fit your hairs needs and your desired outcome.  If you have chemically or mechanically damaged hair Pura Luxe will add proteins to rebuild and strengthen the hair.  If you like your natural curl and body but hate the frizz the system will eliminate the frizz and leave curl. If you desire sleek smooth straight hair pura luxe can be blended to suit your needs.

Pura Luxe is formaldehyde and sulfates free.   Plan to spend 1-3 hours in the salon depending on which outcome you desire.  We do require a consultation prior to booking this appointment to block out the appropriate time.  Hair color can be done immediately after the Pura Luxe service. If you need color done as well that will increase your time in the salon.  

The system can last up to 6 months depending on home care.  To ensure the longevity of the system it is best to shampoo as little as possible so we do recommend using a dry shampoo and sulfate free shampoo.