Extension and Lash Lift & Tint Contracts

Thinking about getting hand-tied extensions or a lash lift and tint? Check out our contracts ahead of time so you know what to expect.

Hair Extension Agreement

Hair extensions are a luxury service that require a certain level of care to maintain the integrity of your natural hair and the extensions.  This agreement is to ensure you are informed of all recommended home care and maintenance.

  1. Prior to making an installation appointment the guest must first purchase the extensions. 
  2. $150 non refundable deposit is required to book an appointment. (Explained in “my responsibilities”)
  3. First time appointment for new extensions or those with extensions installed elsewhere.  $400 (2+ hours)
  4. Move up (6 weeks) $150 per hour (2+ hours)
  5. Color services at an additional service fee (1+ hours)

My Responsibilities:

  • I will arrive at appointments with clean dry hair.  For natural curly, have it straightened for your appointments.
  • If you would like a shampoo blowout it must be booked when booking an extension appointment.  Shampoo/blowout cost is $40.
  • I will only use proper home care products for my hair extensions
  • I will properly brush my hair/extensions at least 2x daily.
  • I will keep my hair from excess moisture by blow drying on a cool-warm setting (NOT HOT) 
  • I will NOT expose my extensions to excessive salt/chlorine water (this will dry them out or discolor the extensions)
  • I will keep my appointments in regards to the care of my extensions(every 6 weeks). Stylists will not be responsible for dread-locked or damaged extensions caused by missed appointments.
  • I will not wear the same extensions for longer than recommended (6-12 months).
  • I will follow all recommendations by my stylist, including when to replace extensions that can no longer be used.
  • I will NOT try to “fix” my own extensions, or cut them in any way.
  • I will NOT remove my own extensions. 
  • I will pay a $50 non refundable deposit that will be held as a balance in case of missing an appointment without 72 hour notice or arriving excessively late to an appointment. (Showing up late to an appointment will not give your stylist appropriate time allotted and will affect other guests appointments) 
  • I understand my appointments will take 2-4 hours, (varying depending on if color services are needed). Due to the commitment of time involved with this service, I will give no less than 72 hour notice if I need to cancel my appointment.  This will give your stylist the opportunity to fill that appointment slot.  Otherwise I may forfeit my deposit and be required to provide an additional $50 deposit to reschedule.  The deposit will be applied to the overall service fee. 

Stylists responsibilities:

  • Stylist will recommend the best shampoo & conditioner and any other home care products to benefit your natural hair and extensions. 
  • Stylist will send you home with at home care instructions.
  • Stylist are not responsible for damage to scalp, hair and loss of extensions from improper home hair care. 
  • Removal and maintenance will be performed by the stylist for an hourly fee 
  • Move up (6 weeks) $150 per hour
  • Color services at an additional service fee
  • First time appointment for new extensions or those with extensions installed elsewhere.  $400 (2+ hours)

Payment for installation, removal, and maintenance will be made in full upon completion.

Stylist reserves the right to terminate the entire extension process if he or she feels that the hair is being compromised in any way.

I________________________________ understand and agree to the previously explained terms regarding wearing, removing and maintaining my hair extensions.  If I breach this contract in any way, I cannot hold my stylist responsible.  

Client Signature__________________________________ Date_______________

Stylist Signature _________________________________ Date________________

Grace Kelly Salon Eyelash Lift Consent Form

I agree to have an eyelash lift (perm) and/or eyelash tint applied to my natural eyelashes and/or retouched. By signing this agreement, I consent to the procedure of an eyelash perm or eyelash tint by my technician.

I understand there are risks associated with having an eyelash perm and/or eyelash tint. I further understand that as part of the procedure, eye irritation, eye pain, eye itching, discomfort, and in rare cases eye infection or blurriness could occur. I agree that if I experience any of these medical conditions with my lashes that I will contact my technician and consult a physician at my own expense.

I understand that even though my technician perms the lashes using the proper technique, the instruments, tapes, cleaners, eye gel pads, adhesives, and removers used may irritate my eyes or require a physician’s follow-up care.

I understand and agree to the care instructions provided by my technician for the use and care of my permed and/or tinted eyelashes. I realize and accept the consequences of failure to adhere to these instructions may cause the eyelashes to not stay permed as long as told.

I understand and consent to having my eyes closed and covered for the duration of the 45-60 minute procedure.

I am informing my technician of the following conditions by marking with a check:

  • Current use of contact lenses which I agree to remove during application
  • Current use of anything such as oil-containing sunscreen or moisturizer around the eyes
  • Current use of eyedrops of any kind, prescription or over-the-counter
  • Current allergies or sensitivities to instruments, fumes, tapes, cleaners, eye gel pads, adhesives, and removers that could cause my eyes to water and blink in excess
  • History of recurrent eye or tear duct infections
  • History of dry eyes or Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Recent history of Chemotherapy
  • Other medical conditions which would prohibit or compromise the process and retention of this eyelash perm

I agree to the following eyelash perm post-op and maintenance instructions:

No water can come in contact with the eye area for 24 hours after the application

This agreement will remain in effect for this procedure and all future procedures conducted by my technician.

I read English and understand that this consent agreement is legal and binding. I have read and fully understand all information in this agreement.

I am over 18 years of age and consent to the agreement and to treatment.

I release my technician from all liability associated with this procedure, which is performed with the utmost attention to safety and proper application using tools and products that the technician has been professionally trained to use.

There are no guarantees for length of time the lashes will stay permed. I understand the aftercare instructions and will do my part to maintain my eyelashes. I understand that there are many factors that may affect the life of the eyelash lift such as water and moisture contact, weather conditions, and activities involving exposure to high temperatures.

By signing below, I verify that I have read and understand the above statements and agree to them. (An insurance release form may also need to be signed that provides coverage for this procedure).

Signature:       Date:

Technician signature:

Permission is granted to take photos of my eyes / face which may be used for marketing purposes on a website, salon or class.