Spring products

Spring means fresh new beginnings.  This spring we are presenting a few new products for the Grace Kelly family.  

Redken has released 3 new dry shampoo texturizers that work great along with the Pillow proof line.

This spring Redken is releasing a new vegan line consisting of All Soft, Extreme & color magnetic.

The ultra smoothing Frizz Dismiss line has been reformulated.  There are some new products and fragrance of vanilla, jasmine, pear and citrus. Perfect for frizz protection that lasts all day long.

We must revisit a product that was released last year that has changed our summer hair care regimen .  No blow dry a product that allows you to wash, towel dry and go! Our recommended regiment is to:

  1. shampoo and conditioner with your favorite Redken shampoo and conditioner.
  2. then once or twice a week depending on our own individual hair needs apply a mega mask for 5-10n min for added moisture, condition and shine.  
  3. Once your hair is towel dried apply One united with its 25 benefits it is a great product for everyone.
  4. Apply pillow proof primer just like a facial primer is evens out the hairs outer layer and allows your products to last longer and work to its full potential.
  5. Lastly apply a dime to nickel sized amount of No Blow Dry.  Scrunch, tousle and walk out the door. Your hair will dry in a effortless, beachy style with zero frizz.

Our stylists are currently using some of these products and are very impressed with the results.  Stay tuned in with Facebook, Instagram and blog to stay up to date on the newest products.