2019 Spring Trends

In January 2019 Kelly and Nicolette attended the Redken Symposium in Las Vegas, which included 2 days of education by the world’s best Redken artists.  Classes included hair color, hair cuts, styling, business, marketing and growing the best team. They met some amazing hair stylists, colorists, artists and salon owners and shared some of their tips and tricks.  The girls left extremely motivated and inspired to share their new found knowledge with their clients.

One important thing they learned while on this fashion forward educational trip was newest trends for Spring of 2019.  What is hot this year? Florals, pastels, texture and bangs. Clothing fashion and hair fashion fed off one another as we saw in our first extra credit class of the 2nd day.  Redken artist Rodney Cutler, a NYC fashion designer and editorial editor, sat down to discuss the magic that goes into a fashion show and transforming those wild looks into an everyday style.

Hot colors for 2019 include muted pastels and warm buttery blondes.  The silver hues are fading out and being replaced with more natural blondes.  Fashion colors have been a big trend the past few years. Last spring while at the Redken Exchange we learned that muted pastels were coming into fashion while the bright in your face vivid shades are phasing out.  Fashion has a 15 year cycle, with 5 years growing, 5 years in, and 5 years going out. Hence the silver that has been trendy in our area for the past 5 years is now seeing its way out.

Darker bases are not going anywhere.  The look is evolving from a harsher contrast to a more subtle blend.  The low maintenance color trend is bigger than ever. This color trend means the root area is darker melted into a lighter shade on the mid shaft to ends.  Natural hair color is lighter around the face. To imitate the natural hair face framing with color or foils enhances a natural brightness around the face.

Texture is back!  Kinky curls and waves are the look you will be asking for in 2019.  If you have natural curls let them go wild. If you have straight or wavy hair liven it up with a little bump from a wand, curling iron or flat iron.  The girls saw a contrast between textures. If you want to go curly, the tighter and kinkier curl the better. If you are looking for a loose natural wave then it needs to be a subtle bend to the hair.  Use a little No Blow Dry, Dry shampoo paste and wave aid to show off some fun texture.

Speaking of texture do you remember the Farrah Faucet haircut from the 70s?  This haircut made its way back last year in the celebrity scene and this year you will be asking for the short layers and texture that will give your hair some character and movement.  This haircut is also being used with a textured bob to make it not so polished. Undercuts are still in style for the shorter haircuts to add a bit of edge and reduce bulk.

Lastly, bangs are making a bold come back with textured fringe that frames the face and baby bangs that are shorter than the “5 year old bangs”.  Baby bangs are definitely not for everyone. Refer to your stylist for her expert advice, If you want baby bangs and your stylist says you have the correct hair texture, hair line, and face shape then go ahead and rock it!  You will make others jealous of your trendy, edgy hairstyle. The side bangs and heavy blunt bangs are slowly seeing their way out of style.

This does NOT mean you need to get a perm or purchase a teasing comb.  There is no feathering back the shag haircut and no puffing up the bangs.  These modern styles are more organic and natural. The biggest style of 2019 it low maintenance and minimal effort.  To achieve these styles at home ask your stylist to teach you how to style your hair at home so you can look like you visit the salon every day.