Winter trends

Shadow root

Gone are the days of going from a summer bleach blonde to deep dark winter brunette.    Instead of covering those blonde ends your stylist has worked so hard to perfect; let them shine.  Ask your stylist for a drop root or shadow root. This technique will give you a darker base that will blend into the lighter ends.  In 2018-2019 roots are trending, this season everyone is hanging onto those blonde strands.

 We are seeing this style everywhere from social media, movies and magazines.  Celebrities have been doing this for a few years now and of course it takes a while to get used to the rooted look.  Don’t fret over the roots (when done correctly) embrace the contrast without the chunky 90s highlights. Styles are evolving into more organic low maintenance natural looks.  This also is the case for everyday styles to updos everything is loose, beach, natural.

Still scared of the rooted look?  No worries your stylist can customize the a color to suit your needs and desires.  Highlights can be added higher up to give you the look you are used with still achieving the shadow root.  Highlights can also be toned or smudged out to subtly blend down through the darker shadow to the lighter, brighter highlights.  This can also be done with pastel or vivid colors.

Trending colors for this season are: